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Surrogacy in Cyprus: What Do You Need to Know

If you imagine a surrogacy map of the world, you’ll see how diverse it is. Every country has its own unique approach and law on surrogacy. Understandably, this abundance of information becomes overwhelming for intended parents who thought that only the best price of the program is the decisive matter. That is why it is advisable to look for guidance from experts who can explain surrogacy legislation in different countries.

Surrogacy in Cyprus

Professional help from a tested surrogacy agency like World Center of Baby ensures that the IPs achieve their parenthood with minimal risk and stress. So what are the peculiarities of surrogacy in Cyprus that are worth exploring and make the country a desired surrogacy destination?

Surrogacy in Cyprus Benefits

Surrogacy in Cyprus is abundant in its treatment offered to intended parents. Here you can attempt IVF, egg donation, and gestational surrogacy. As for the last one, it is implied that a gestational carrier does not have a biological and hereditary relation with the baby, she is just a female employed to carry the wish of IPs who desire to become parents. Therefore, she has no legal claims to the child as her own.

There are also other requirements for a surrogate mother. To become one, the candidate must first undergo a thorough examination process to testify to her ability to bear a child. Egg donors are specifically tested for STDs and genetic abnormalities, all to make sure that subsequent procedures would be as safe as possible for the baby.

One thing the IPs may overlook is the division of Cyprus into two parts. Northern Cyprus, for instance, is welcoming to such categories as gay couples and single parents. Please consider the differences in approach to surrogacy while weighing your options.

Seek a Reliable Fertility Clinic in Cyprus

After adding up the risks and benefits of surrogacy in Cyprus and possible legal implications, you may find yourselves terrified by the complexity of the system in a seemingly perfect country for surrogacy. This is why don’t feel ashamed to consult with a proven surrogacy clinic before making the final decision.

By choosing World Center of Baby you are guaranteed legal guidance and a specially prepared solution just for you. Our team has dependable lawyers, fertility professionals, and Intended Parent Partners. To find out what’s the best way to approach surrogacy that bodes success, please visit World Center of Baby website and apply for a consultation. 

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