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How Many Social Media Sites are there in the World Today?

Social media platforms are growing with each passing day. Every year, we see a plethora of new social sites launching and making it easier for brands, individuals, and agencies to promote their content. Especially when it comes to digital marketing, social sites are playing a pivotal role in giving the boost. 

Without the internet, it wouldn’t have been possible. From watching videos to uploading pictures, sharing status, and promoting business, high-speed internet is the core. Without having high-speed internet, you can’t think of using these platforms smoothly. If you are still looking for the best internet plans and packages, we would recommend checking Cox internet in your area for seamless connectivity and high-speed internet. Be it customer support or affordable plans, Cox takes it very seriously. Moreover, you can contact customer support directly in Spanish by visiting cox en espaƱol for bill payments, service upgrades, and many more. 

Social media websites are increasing day by day. The question arises of how many websites are there in the world today, and which ones are the best. Let’s take a look into it.

Social Media Statistics 

Approximately 40 percent of users worldwide use social media for work purposes. In the United States, 27 percent of users actively use social media while at work, compared to 65 percent in Indonesia, which ranks higher than any other country. Israel lies at the bottom with only 13 percent of social media users. 

Take a look at the table given below for social media users' percentage in both males and females. 

Social Media Network

Male Usage

Female Usage 


63 percent

75 Percent


21 percent

19 percent


24 percent

21 percent


15 percent

8 percent


31 percent

43 percent


78 percent

68 percent


29 percent

24 percent


56 percent

44 percent


24 percent

24 percent

Top Social Media Platforms 

When it comes to social media platforms, some of them are quite popular among the masses, while others are gaining traction with time. Here are some of the best social media platforms used by users worldwide. 


Facebook leads the race of top social media platforms with 2.74 billion active users worldwide. From time to time, new features have been injected into this social media site to gain more users. Facebook is not only used for entertainment purposes. Apart from watching videos, posting photos, and sharing status, Facebook is used for brand promotion and creating awareness among the masses. 

You can even create a free store on Facebook and sell your items without taking the extra burden of maintaining the website. People from around the world are generating revenue from this platform through paid advertisements, pages, and community. 


With 2.291 billion active users worldwide, YouTube has gained the spot in top social media platforms. YouTube is a product of Google and a top video platform. The platform is a mix of entertainment and education where millions of people upload different stuff. 

YouTube is widely used for learning purposes. For instance, if you want to learn how to develop a website in WordPress, earn money online, affiliate marketing, brand promotion, or design a logo, you can watch it for free. 

In addition, if you are feeling bored and don’t know how to spend time, you can search for TV series, movies, funny cat videos, accident videos, and much more. YouTube Kid can help your children to learn different subjects, have fun and watch videos appropriate for their age group. 


Instagram is also one of the top social media websites used by small business owners, brands, and bloggers. The platform has over 1 billion monthly users worldwide. If you are having a business or just on the verge of a startup, make sure to incorporate Instagram. You will likely find people who would be interested in your products and services. 

Instagram is more about sharing attractive and unique photos. So before you start posting, make sure to hire a designer and ask him to design unique, attractive, and eye-catching images. The platform is not only limited to brands and businesses, but also under the fingertips of teenagers and young adults. And when it comes to women, everyone is so obsessed with sharing the latest pictures with a new dress. 


Twitter is one of the oldest and top social media platforms with a consistent 300 million active users every month. Around 40 percent of these users are found active on this site multiple times. Using appropriate hashtags will help you attract an audience to your posts. Twitter is a highly anticipated platform for tech-savvy people. Most of the influencers, tech gurus, and innovators are using this platform. The only disadvantage of using Twitter is that you can only post within limited characters. So make sure to clearly and concisely write your tweet so that everyone could understand the message you want to give. Don’t forget to use trending hashtags to gain traction. 

Summing Up

Social media is not going to vanish anyway. There are many opportunities for brands, businesses, and influencers to increase revenue. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, make sure to use these platforms to stay in touch with customers and inform new customers about your products and services.

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