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5 Tools To Get More Instagram Followers

Here’s the thing - 

You cannot grow your audience on Instagram just by creating engaging posts and uploading them regularly. Yes, it definitely should be a part of your Instagram marketing strategy. However, you simply shouldn’t stop there. 

Instead, you must use some Instagram-specific tools to boost your online presence and aura even more. Make sure to keep reading till the end to find out all about it. 

5 Best Tools For Instagram 

Whether it’s about increasing the number of your followers or editing photos - the available Instagram tools can help you with anything and everything.

A Color Story - For Editing Photos 

When talking about the best photo-editing tool for Instagram, the first name that comes to mind is A Color Story. As the name suggests, the application can help you create different presets for your photos and make everything look more cohesive. Besides, the overall editing options on the application are pretty varied and eloquent as well. The only issue with this app is that its premium version is exceptionally costly.


  • Comes with more than 20 tools for editing photos. 
  • Has a separate desktop version with Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets. 
  • Can integrate multiple filters to create a perfect layered outlook. 

Kicksta - To Boost Your Instagram Growth 

An easy-to-use application, Kicksta can help you increase the number of your Instagram followers massively. All you need to do is to offer insights on your niche and the type of people you want to approach. 

The application will take care of everything else accordingly. The best thing about the tool is that it can gather people organically. Therefore, if you want, you can use it for social media marketing as well. 


  • Has a modest pricing schedule. 
  • Can work on almost every niche account or hashtag. 
  • Offers live chat support. 

Crowdfire - For Social Media Management 

With Crowdfire, you can manage your social media profile from anywhere and everywhere. For example, with it, you can auto-tailor your posts, access excellent hashtag suggestions, and evaluate social analytic data efficiently. However, Crowdfire will not be able to promote your blog in any manner. Therefore, getting someone who’s genuinely interested in your content will be pretty rare on this platform. 


  • You can manage one account on it for free. 
  • Provides daily reminders to take suggested actions. 
  • Increases your overall follower count effectively. 

Social Insight - To Get A More Comprehensive Analysis 

As the name implies, Social Insight is all about getting a comprehensive analysis of a specific marketing campaign. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to check the performance of your posts and offer the right metrics altogether. In addition, with this application, you can also follow the time period when most of your clients are coming online. Due to this reason, you can post more efficiently and target a specific audience base effectively. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Can offer a comprehensive analysis on almost every aspect of marketing. 
  • Capable of handling more than one account and letting the users compare analytics. 

Schedugram - Making Your Content Posting Scenario Easier 

Schedugram is all about scheduling your uploadable posts at the best possible time. Therefore, whenever the time is right, the tool will begin posting images or scheduled content automatically without anyone’s intervention. Additionally, you can also use various features of Instagram, like editing filters, efficiently. Also, you can manage more than one account on this tool with the premium version. 


  • Can help with scheduling posts. 
  • Manages more than one account efficiently. 
  • Can be used for various Instagram-related features with utmost ease. 


With the usage of the correct application or tool, you can turn Instagram into a massively powerful tool for marketing. However, to achieve this feat, you will need to find the correct device that fits your needs perfectly. 

For example, if you want to post your content routinely, using Schedugram should be ideal for your cause. Conversely, if your goal is to edit your photos vibrantly, opting for A Color Story should be your sole option.

Hence, make sure to focus on what you want to use and choose the right tool in accordance with it.

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