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Top 7 Series To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

Let's face it…

We all have a little content binge addiction!

We cannot finish one and immediately have to think about what we want to watch next

When you finish a great series and have nothing to watch, do you also feel that empty hollowness?

Yes, it might sound like a bit of exaggeration, but for binge lovers, who cannot wait to explore another series, this might not be something too unnatural.

So, what is the next series you are planning to watch once you finish your current one?


Haven’t you decided yet?

Well do not worry, we have brought a list of the best series which you watch after this one. These have been critically acclaimed, and they will help you get into a new storyline and adventure.

Sit back and keep reading


Take roads!

How Do You Wish To Watch It?

Yes, these series are from Netflix, and if you wish to pay dollars behind this OTT, then there is no issue.

However, if you wish to watch it free, then we have a suggestion!


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Thus, along with a few dollars, you are saving your data.

Top Series Which You Can Binge In Netflix This Weekend

Since you can binge these series over the weekend, then these are either limited series or incomplete ones.

However, you wouldn’t regret taking our recommendation.

1. All Of Us Are Dead

If you are tired of hearing the word Suid Game because either you have watched it or you do not wish to watch it, then here is your pick.

All Of Us Dead is a Korean series that is set inside a school during a Zombie apocalypse. Yes, it might sound like your run-on-the-mill teenage drama angst series, but it is so much more than that.

Critics call it a ‘coming of age, horror series,’ and we couldn’t wait to see how the characters tackle the situation and escape while they are already escaping the confusion of being between the twilight zone of teen and adulthood.

2. Ozark

After the fourth season was finally released after the pandemic, Ozark has become quite the sensation.

It is about Marty Bryde taking his family in the middle of the night to the picturesque town of Ozark only to launder millions.


We love a series with families who look like the American dream from the outside but, in reality, are associated with a big drug cartel.


This genre of crime is nothing short of interesting!

3. The Witcher

- You would love it if you played the game!

- You would love it even if you haven’t played the game!


Who could miss out on watching Henry Cavil in the role of the Witcher, combating monsters who could only haunt our worst nightmares?


The separate Ciri & Yennefer storyline is equally intriguing, and it gets even more interesting when all three conjoin. 

4. The Haunting Of Hill House

In the beginning, it might look like your cliched haunting horror film, but it is so much more than that.

This two-part series has a separate storyline to explore for each season. 


It has all the spooky elements that you would look for in a horror series, plus twists that will leave your jaws opened.


Okay, no more spoilers! You have to go watch it.

5. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a dream series for whoever aspires to be a forensic psychologist!


It follows the story of an FBI profiler who talks to the top-tier serial killers of the 70s and 80s. These will include blood-curdling stories from the men themselves and how the FBI profiler studies their minds and motive to solve crimes.

Happy Binging!

This weekend, get ready to watch some mind-boggling and blood-curdling horror, apocalypse, and crime series, which are guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Your binge date with yourself is perfectly fixed!

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