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How to Drive Sales With Google Ads?


So, you finally started a new store? Or are you a seasoned advertiser looking forward to increasing sales with Google Ads? Turn your Google Ads campaign for more profits with the best Google Ads service in Australia.


Before that, here are some tips for doing it right. Even if you don't know where to begin and how to drive sales with Google Ads, we will guide you all over the process. Undoubtedly, Ads are a powerful and efficient tool for small businesses, only when you know how to use them wisely.


How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is an advertising system by Google that helps different merchants to achieve functional quasi-immediate results as their ROI (Return on Investment). Simply put, Google Ads simplifies the advertising experience of the merchants/users.


While the user types in the search requests, there appear two kinds of search results:

SEO results: it is entirely dependent on relevance, content quality, and structure.

SEA results: It gets decided by merchants as they pay for their websites to be favorably ranked.

Bear in mind that Google has a vast reach. Not to be wrong, a share of 94.63%of Australian users use Google as the primary search engine. The results are similar to these results. AdWords is undoubtedly the most powerful and essentially operating advertising company in the world.

No wonder why it is an indispensable part of the marketing strategy for any online retail site to achieve severe and progressive results. Moreover, this is more confronted with the below-quoted words,

"Google AdWords allows online retailers to access this growing, captive audience to generate formidable increases in their online turnover while retaining a firm control on their investments."

- Emmanuel Begerem, Head of Google UK's partner network!


Does Google AdWords help increase website ranking?

Google has said many times that Google Ads do not help improve the organic search of your website. But many believe it is true. Well, at least, not directly. But, at the same time, there are indirect ways through which Google Ads instantly improves your SEO strategy.


The best part about Google Ads is that you can easily set up, followed by proper activation, and starts to drive traffic in a single afternoon! On the other hand, SEO can take up to 1 year for you to witness serious results. That means, with an investment of just $200 per month, you are on for the results worth a potential acquisition of $24,000, long back before you know whether or not your SEO strategy is working for your website!


Where do you begin?

Now that you are familiar with Google Ads and how it works, here are the top Google Ad tips to help you increase your sales. Seems overwhelming? It does not have to be so!


Tips to drive sales with Google ads.

  1. Are you willing to add NEGATIVE keywords to your campaigns? 

If you don't know this, highlight it now! Negative keywords are one of the most functional and powerful tools in any of your Google Ads campaigns. Yes, they are overlooked but keep in mind that negative keywords help you eliminate the audience/searches that are not relevant to your service or products.



Benefits to count!

        The best part of negative keywords is they keep ROIs inline! 

        It is logical to prevent unnecessary spending on those keywords where they don't have good, profitable returns.

        It ensures that searchers get shown the respective ads which are relevant for them.

        Negative keywords increase the likelihood of more targeted and relevant traffic, which ultimately increases the rate of conversions.


  1. Increase your budget with long-tail keywords!

Interestingly, 29% of keywords with just 10k searchers per month majorly consist of three and more words! That means you have to add long-tail keywords to ensure you get targeted and relevant traffic that is more likely to convert.  

It also ensures less competition with a relatively higher chance of converting. But these can also lower CPCs while considerably increasing the sales. You can check out for current organic traffic to effectively find the possible long-tail keywords.


  1. Audit the keywords and remove duplicates!

Ensure that you are removing the duplicate keywords actively. Indeed, duplicate keywords can adversely hamper your sales through Google Ads. They tend to impact your quality score while already eating to your budget.

Contextually, with the best digital agency providing Google Ads service in Australia, you can expect to see your ad up with the correct traffic and more conversions. When you enlist help from a professional team for ads service, you can actively stay ahead of current marketing and sales trends!


The bottom line

Driving sales through Google Ads is easier when you optimize for more clicks per visit with correct ad extensions. It can be a site link, review extensions, or even the callout and structured snippets. So, are you ready to make something incredible? Do it right with the best google ads service in Australia now!

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