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3 Best practices to Outreach smartly during the Covid19 crisis!


Crisis Management is one of the crucial jobs of business managers. Be it a disease pandemic or any other crisis, every decision must be taken strategically with a thoughtful approach. And when it comes to draft the SEO plans, things get a bit complicated and need to be handled with utmost care. Thus, here in this article, we are going to talk about a few link-building outreach strategies during the disease pandemic.


With the health crisis still raging globally, many SEO professionals are having a hard time executing link outreach. Since last year many professionals have cracked the code of how to build backlinks that are relevant and can amplify the status of their business online.


Here we have shared few helpful insights regarding the adjustment of link outreach in the contemporary era. Apply them to your business's digital marketing plan and reap the benefits of successful and secured backlinks thereafter. Without any further ado, here are your tips for doing it well!


     Personalization is the key.


According to renowned digital marketers, personalization is the king, especially while drafting an email outreach plan. Think about it; everyone is struggling and trying to cope with the situation. During such tough times, one has to be sensitive to that. Try putting yourself into the shoes of the person you are about to contact.


Basically, before you draft an Email for a blogger asking him/her to publish the content or a blog for your business on his/her website, try to humanize it with a caring approach. Take some extra time to research the person you are contacting and personalize your outreach email with sentences such as "Hey John, how are you holding up?" "Hope your family, friends, and you are in good health." And then you can carry out whatever you want to say in that mail.


     Following up can't be ignored.


You need to know that people are busy now more than ever. They are trying every day to adjust to the new normal. And amidst such constant chaos in everyone's lives, follow-up is also becoming a critical part of the link outreach plan. No blogger is going to take you or your request seriously until you contact them regularly.


With a simple follow-up text or Email drafted in a polite tone, you can try reaching out to them, and they'll definitely try to respond to your request. Remember, you have no idea about what the other person is going through. Try to persuade but avoid being pushy.


     Try to go beyond Email


Outreaching via Email is undoubtedly one of the best ways to contact a blogger who can help you with your link-building plans. In contrast, it may be an effective tool to contact and promote your web pages for links to improve the website traffic of your business; try to avoid being limited to Email alone.


With WFH and everything, people have become comfortable with video conferencing, and you can use it to your benefit as it presents an opportunity for link acquisition. Many digital marketing experts have predicted that such outreaching techniques can simplify the entire process and avoid those lengthy back-and-forth mail threads. Real-time communication with a blogger can help you discuss your strategies and build a personal connection with him/her.


Wrapping Up!

The current health crisis has indeed turned everyone's life topsy turvy and has brought unique and challenging scenarios for the world. But with the help of the outreaching tips mentioned above, you can quickly become successful in earning relevant and quality backlinks for your business website.


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