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Why Resume Service Is So Important Today: Basic Rules

A well-written resume increases the chances of getting a job. This is not difficult to do, if, of course, you approach the matter with responsibility. We decided to save you from the tedious search for the necessary information and tell you in detail how to write a professional resume.

Job search sites have built-in electronic questionnaires for creating a resume, everything is intuitively clear there. In this article, we will explain how to write a classic resume in Microsoft Word or any other editor.

Recommendations on how to create a cv with the help of resume service

Many students face difficulties when looking for a job and this is when resume perk services might come in handy. Such a professional online resume writing service as is a company where each writer is a responsible person willing to help. Such writers are a great assistance because they are experienced and trustful.

Also, what makes a custom writing service so important today is the fact that a customer should not worry about making mistakes in cv or a cover letter and spend time doing other things while experts in this area do the job.

Despite being professionals, what we know is that there are three main sections of a resume:

      personal information,


      and work experience.

What should be indicated in each of them?

Personal information

Full name, date of birth and contact information (postal address, e-mail, telephone). Don't be afraid to insert a photo. A neat and pleasing portrait will complement the impression of a professional resume.


You should not start from kindergarten, indicate the school only if its profile echoes the position for which you are applying. Or when you graduated with a silver or gold medal. Indicate the years of study at the university and/or college, the full name of the educational institution, faculty, specialty, specialization. If you haven't finished your studies yet - mention it (incomplete higher education, 3rd year, etc.)

If you have completed a training or course that is relevant to the proposed vacancy, do not forget to mark it on your professional resume.                                                                

Work experience

If you have experience - mention where you worked before: the name of the company, the position held, the period of work. Briefly list the responsibilities. Don't forget about achievements, if any.

Collaborated with several companies - listed them in reverse order. Your last job should come first.

Are you getting a job for the first time? The best way is to compensate for the lack of professional experience by describing your other advantages in the section “Achievements” (see below).

Other sections

The first three items - personal information, education, work experience - are required. But in addition to them, we advise, if possible, to provide additional information as a review to your life.

Key skills

List your main skills and professional qualities in this paragraph. For example, an experienced lawyer will be writing down how many years he has been working in the field of jurisprudence, indicate his specialization (for example, economic law), indicate the number of cases won, name the main professional qualities (analytical mindset, stress resistance, good memory, etc.).

Often in the vacancy, the employer prescribes specific requirements for the candidate for the position. If they match your skills, you must indicate this.


Professional achievements are indicated in the "Achievements" section. These are not abstract statements, but concrete examples. An employer will trust facts and figures more than idle chatter. List all useful experiences that may affect your employment.

Additional information

Remaining important information that was not included in the main sections? Indicate it at this point.


Representatives of such creative professions as a writer, photographer, artist, designer, journalist, model, etc., for employment, must attach a portfolio to their resume. We advise you to register it on a separate website. For example,,

Tips for writing a resume

Write your resume truthfully and accurately. Thoughts should be logical and consistent. Everything is clear and to the point. Your goal is to make a good impression on the employer. Carefully highlight your strengths in your resume and hide your weaknesses.

Technical Recommendations

The style of the resume can be strict. Use one font (Times New Roman or Arial) and one size - 12. Don't highlight with color, but bold paragraph headings. Recommended margins in the resume: top, bottom and right margins - 2 cm, left - 2.5 cm. Do not stretch the self-presentation over several pages. One or two is enough. And don't forget to check your spelling. A resume with a bunch of mistakes is a lost case.

Many companies are welcoming and creative resumes. It can be done online, with the help of Photoshop, as a PowerPoint presentation, or in specialized editors like Canva. The site has a variety of templates that make up an attractive resume.

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