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How Led Screen Hire Help in Adding Value to Stage Screen?

led screen hire

We have seen led screens in many events on stage. This trend has become so common now. Due to being common in every event, producers have to use a Led screen on stage. The led screen on stage should be of high resolution to make it visible to everyone. For this purpose, producers have to go for Led Screen Hire. This ensures the availability of high-quality led screens.

The purpose of using a led screen on stage is to show guests what is happening in the event. Especially to facilitate those who are farthest from the stage.

What Kind of Led Screen Is Suitable for Events?

Screens that are easy to assemble and disassemble are easy to handle and no external help is required to install them.

The benefit of Using Led Screen on Stage:

We use Led screens in our home but there is a difference between home-based led and led the need for an event. Led for homes are fixed so they can’t be converted into modules and cabins. Screens for the stage are built with aluminum molds of 500x500mm or 500x1000mm. When we join these cabinets, we can create Led of any size which suits our event.

Stage screen is capable of broadcasting live external videos from any source like video cameras, computers, etc. There is also a controller available with these screens to manage external video signals.  Video-led the screen offers video processors that allow you to change colours, resolution, and effects of the image as you want. It helps in offering the best output in live broadcast through stage screens.

Flight Cases for Events:

A flight case is a box with foam coating inside to protect the panels of the led screen. As we use light led screens for an event so their protection is necessary. These boxes have wheels so it is easy to transport anywhere or across stage easier.

Materials used to make these boxes are resistance plywood and plastic resin. But for transportation frequently used flight cases are wooden boxes because they are affordable and also available in customized sizes.

Plastic resin boxes are more professional but their high cost and unavailability in customized sizes have reduced their importance.

Why You Should Hire Led Screen?

As we have discussed the importance of led on stage. It is obvious that the quality of the led screen is very important and the details of the packaging showed how much care it needs. So, Led Screen Hire is the only way which can facilitate you in every way while using or transporting the led screen.

The screen at the stage is going to show what is happening in your whole event. Any type of screen is not suitable for it. Visuals play an important role in keeping employees attracted throughout your event.


The success of your event depends a lot on your choice of led screen. Ems-Events understand that and provide you with quality led screens. Give a great impact to your event by using high-quality led screens.

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