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Cure and Prevent Neck Pain with Innovative Bamboo Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers

Night sweats and body heat often translate into sleepless nights. To solve this problem, you can rely on a bamboo cooling pillow for side sleepers, a pillow that contains shredded memory foam covered with cooling gel, which hinders the absorption of body heat, keeping the pillow cool throughout the night.

Night Sweats and Body Heat

A natural process by which our body removes excess heat from the body, sweating can often leave us feeling sticky, a problem that is further exacerbated by the pillow storing heat and passing it back to the body. High body temperature and constant sweating can lead to many sleepless nights.

Cooling Gel - Keeps you Cool!

Instead of playing with the thermostat, you can rely on a memory foam pillow with cooling gel, which can regulate body temperature, substantially improving sleep quality.

The shredded nature of the memory foam creates better ventilation within the pillow, cooling it down further. The breathable bamboo cover not only complements the cooling effect of the gel but also wicks sweat away from the skin.

The cooling bamboo pillow for side sleepers, thus, enables you to rest your face on a cool surface, which will soothe your skin and provide a relaxing experience.

How Cooling Gel Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam Wins against all the others?

The traditional cooling gel memory foam pillows come with one side providing relief from the heating effect. However, in a shredded memory foam pillow, each piece of foam is covered with cooling gel, providing the cooling effect from all possible directions.

Pro Tip: Purchase an extra pillow to snuggle with and keep your body cool.

Back and Neck Pain

Side sleepers often complain about back and neck pain, as the pillow they’re using doesn't provide the appropriate loft or firmness for good spine alignment.

Further, when sleeping on one side, the leg on top usually slides down, rotating the spine in an unnatural manner and leading to severe lower back pain that is difficult to cure.

 For side sleepers, traditional pillows can be too fluffy, distorting the proper alignment of the head and spine.

Memory Foam - Contouring and Adjustability

Filled with shredded memory foam, this pillow contorts to the shape of the head and neck, providing additional support to the neck, which can often get sore when sleeping in a side position.

Shredded memory foam pillows provide additional benefits:

    Adjust Height: you can adjust the height and loft of the pillow by adding or removing shredded foam from the pillow case.

    Adjust Firmness: Side sleepers often need a firmer pillow that doesn’t let the head sink in. By adding more foam, you can increase the firmness of this pillow.

These benefits combined make the shredded memory foam pillow suitable for all sleeping positions.

Note: Your order comes with extra memory foam, enabling you to properly adjust the firmness and height of the pillow according to your preferences.

Allergies and Infections

Some people are allergic to down while some to feathers. So it is important to purchase a pillow made with hypoallergenic material such as polyurethane and bamboo rayon fabric.

After long time usage, pillows get infected with dust mites and molds, becoming detrimental to your health overtime.

Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant

Both the shredded memory foam and the bamboo rayon fabric cover are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Further, the bamboo cover is made of natural fiber, making it biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

> But can I wash the Pillow?

Yes, you can not only wash the bamboo cover but also the casing for the shredded memory foam. Simply unzip the case, take out the memory foam, and throw the case and the cover into your washing machine.

> I hear shredded memory foam pillows stink.

There are companies that don’t take necessary measures to ensure the absence of odor before shipping their product. It’s the classic case of a few bad apples.

CertiPUR-US® Certified

A pillow certified by CertiPUR-US® is made up of approved flame retardant material which doesn’t contain ozone depleting materials. Further, due to low volatile inorganic compound emissions, these pillows ensure good quality of indoor air.


Instead of spending upwards of $100, you can purchase Ronkoff’s cooling pillow for side sleepers that starts at just $29.99. And when you feel rested, when you are able to perform at work without neck pain holding you down, you’ll know that your investment was worth it!

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