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Is Lenovo a Good Computer Brand? (the Answer Is Absolutely)


In the last few months of 2020alone, Lenovo sold over 28 million computers to consumers.

If you're looking for a new computer, you may be wondering: is Lenovo a good computer brand? You've likely seen Lenovo computers before or even owned one before, but the brand has made leaps and bounds in the PC world.

Lenovo makes powerhouse computers for every level of consumer, from college students to high-tech gamers. Whether you need a simple Chromebook or a beefy PC setup, Lenovo has something for you.

Keep reading to find out what makes Lenovo great! We've also compiled a shortlist of our favorite Lenovo products to make your shopping easier. If you're ready to learn all about Lenovo, read on!

What Makes Lenovo a Good Computer Brand?

Among other PC brands, Lenovo is a juggernaut. In 2005, they bought former tech giant IBM and gained a lot of credibility in the PC market. They also developed the ThinkPad computer, a powerful processing unit that still powers many models today.

Lenovo products last a long time and aren't burdened with the planned obsolescence that haunts modern tech. Your Lenovo will last as long as you want it to, with a little care.

Now let's dive into everything that makes Lenovo a trustworthy brand.


Lenovo is known for rugged, long-lasting computers. Lenovo computers are made to get better in time, and the models are built to last. No flimsy plastic cases here!

No matter the model, all Lenovo computers feature a solid, powerful chassis. You can pack it into a backpack or suitcase and not worry endlessly that it will survive the trip.

That's part of what makes Lenovo computers great for business: their durability makes them travel well. You can find compact, portable models that still have some heft to them.

Wide Variety

If you've shopped for Lenovo laptops before, you've probably noticed that there are a lot of options. The brand has expanded into multiple lines of laptops, including ThinkPads, IdeaPads, Chromebooks, and more!

The impressive part is that nearly all of their laptops are really, really good. There are a few middle-of-the-road options, but Lenovo hasn't produced a flop for several years.

This means that you have a wide selection to choose from, and will be able to find a laptop best suited to your needs. Lenovo manufactures computers with certain consumers in mind. You're sure to find one that fits into your lifestyle.

No-Nonsense Design

Even high-end Lenovo computers are utilitarian by design. Lenovo likes to focus on creating a beautiful display and a powerful processor at an affordable price. You won't have to skimp on specs!

Lenovo computers have been engineered to their simplest form. The idea is to let the technology shine; not the aesthetics. You may not be wowed by a Lenovo at first sight, but it will come alive under your fingertips.

If you want a simple, streamlined laptop that makes no compromises in quality, you'll love Lenovo.

ThinkPad Is Unstoppable

Probably the most popular line of Lenovo laptops is ThinkPad. ThinkPad computers are legendary among PC enthusiasts. They lead the market in PC innovations every year, yet manage to not become prohibitively expensive.

One of the most popular aspects of ThinkPad computers is their security. ThinkPads can be used as a security key and as a device for Google's two-step authentication. This makes them popular for remote workers and mobile businessmen, as there's little to no risk of getting compromised.

However, ThinkPad computers are also great for everyday use. They're productive computers that work amazingly for general work and light gaming. If you need a powerhouse home laptop, look to ThinkPad.

How Lenovo Sizes Up to Other Brands

When comparing Lenovo to other PC brands, they come out in the lead. Lenovo produces more laptops than Microsoft and Dell; they also run Linux better. If you're a Linux enthusiast, you'll run into far fewer snags on a Lenovo.

However, the utilitarian design of Lenovo computers is their main detractor. They run amazingly, but they're not exactly eye-catching. This may not be a dealbreaker for you, though!

When comparing Lenovo to Apple, they're only beat by Apple's customer service. Apple goes above and beyond with repairs; Lenovo is accessible, but they don't exactly have a team of "geniuses" in every city. Truthfully, though, you'll run into so few issues with your Lenovo that this may be a moot point.

If you've been a longtime PC user and are debating whether to upgrade to an Apple or a Lenovo, go Lenovo. The interface is more intuitive and your wallet will thank you.

Our Favorite Lenovo Models

Whether you're looking for the best laptop you can find on a budget or need a mobile gaming powerhouse, we've picked a Lenovo for you. Since Lenovo produces so many different computers, it can be easy to get lost in all the options.If you want to build a custom pc then you can take help from

This curated list made by our team of experts. We know PCs - you can trust our expertise! 

1. Best All-Around: ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Whether you're a businessman, film editor, freelance writer, or college student, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon will surpass your every expectation. This laptop has a 14" UHD screen for the best visual experience. The Gen 8 Carbons boast a state-of-the-art Intel processer and a fingerprint reader.

The Carbon is also ridiculously secure. The fingerprint reader and other failsafe security measures ensure that no one else will get to look at your work.

It runs Windows 10, and has an impressive 19 hours of battery life! You can work on the go without worrying about an unplanned shutdown. It comes with full channel wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

2. Best Work Laptop: ThinkPad L13 Yoga

This computer is durable. Like, tested-in-military-conditions-and-came-out-fine durable. The L13 Yoga is a 2-in-1 laptop, meaning it folds into a tablet as well!

The L13 Yoga can take anything you throw at it. Busy commute on a subway? No sweat.

At 13.3", the L13 Yoga can slip easily into a briefcase or backpack. The tablet functionality will come in handy in crowded spaces or for quick work. You can shoot off a message without ever clicking the keyboard!

The UHD graphics will amaze you as you work. This sleek laptop is perfect for the busy worker.

3. Best Budget Laptop: Chromebook Duet

This laptop is only $250. Seriously, and it is amazing. This Lenovo Chromebook is a compact 2-in-1 that is guaranteed to impress you.

The price makes this laptop a perfect option for students and those on a tight budget. The 10.1" screen marks this computer on the smaller side, but it is still powerful. If you need something to type out essays and join Zoom calls with, the Duet will deliver.

The detachable keyboard is innovative, especially considering that most companies charge an extra $100 for one!

The downside of the Duet is that it runs on Chrome OS instead of Windows; this may turn off some tech-lovers. The graphics are also lower than the other options on this list, but for $250, they're pretty amazing. The Duet has been engineered to ultimate simplicity; this is a true no-frills computer.

4. Best Gaming Computer: Legion 7i

Gamers, this is the laptop for you. The 15" Lenovo Legion 7i is a beast of a laptop, with an NVIDIA GTX 1660 graphics card. The 10th generation Intel Core Processor can handle even the beefiest of games.

The Legion's TrueStrike keyboard provides ultimate calibration and accuracy. The computer is also surprisingly streamlined, for a gaming laptop. It's unlike the chunkier models you may be used to. 

Here's the thing about gaming laptops though: they're designed to mostly stay in one place. This means that the computer is heavy, and the battery life is not impressive. But if you're planning to keep the Legion on your desk and only use it at home, it'll work just fine.Best Budget Laptop for Programming under 3000

5. Best ThinkPad: ThinkPad P15

By this point, you know how much we believe in ThinkPad computers. Well, the ThinkPad P15 is the best of the ThinkPads. It's innovative without being clunky and provides a seamless user experience.

The ThinkPad P-Series is a line of laptops meant to build a workstation around. This means these laptops are designed for home offices, commuters, and other consumers who need a reliable laptop. The P15 comes with UHD graphics and a 15" screen, so it will make a great household computer. 

The P15 can also handle up to 4 external monitors, so if you're a full-time remote worker, the P15 is perfect. This computer is meant to handle heavy workloads with ease. Buffering, glitching, and needless reboots are a thing of the past when you upgrade to the P15!

If You Love Computers, You'll Love Lenovo

We hope this article convinced you that Lenovo is a good computer brand and a worthy investment. You're guaranteed to find a computer you love from this manufacturer! Work, game, and type with a PC you can trust.

For more tech advice and reviews, read through our blog. Our team of experts spends all day researching your favorite brands and products so you can shop smarter. Check out our past posts for more!


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