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Baller on a Budget: 3 Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know


Do you love shopping? You're not alone. 

According to the latest figures, Americans spent over $209 billion on shopping for home improvement items, fashion, food, and other essentials to get them through the dark days of 2020. 

Although time is an abundant resource these days, cash flow's not a certainty anymore, so if you want to indulge in your enjoyment for everything retail, you'll need to take bargain-hunting to the next level.   

Check out these shopping hacks to help you get the most bang for your buck, both online and off. 

Online Shopping Life Hacks

Online shopping is the lifeblood of those in search of retail therapy nowadays, with most stores offering this option for stay-at-home shoppers. Here are some tried and tested ways to save at checkout when you're shopping online:

Know When to Shop

Those in the know indicate that Sundays are the most expensive online shopping day. November's the cheapest time of year to shop thanks to the holiday sales, followed by January.

If you can't wait that long, login from Tuesday to Thursday to pick up the best deals.

You Can Haggle With the Internet

It's true that online stores rely on automation, but they're also intuitive.

When you leave an item in your cart for a while, the website senses your hesitancy, so it's likely to offer you a discount when you back out of your shopping cart. So, hang in there if you want to save.

You can also ask for discounts using the live chat function, just like you would from a living, breathing shop owner. Ecommerce stores are facing a lot of competition right now, so it's in their best interests to offer you savings. 

How to Save Money at the Mall

If you're craving a trip to the bright lights and buzz of the mall, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, follow all the recommended safety regulations, and second, read these hacks about how to shop at the mall.

  • Check your prices at the checkout - everyone makes mistakes
  • Shop early for special occasions - you'll overspend in the last-minute rush
  • Avoid overspending by ditching the shopping cart or basket
  • Don't fall for impulse items while waiting in line - distract yourself
  • Always ask about price-matching initiatives
  • Avoid buying things simply because they're on sale

As a final tip, before you buy something expensive, think it over overnight. It's easy to get carried away while you're in the moment and overspend on something you don't really need.

Tech-Savvy Shopping Hacks

If you're like most of us, you spend a lot of time on your smartphone, right? You can use this to your advantage when bargain hunting. Sign up for loyalty cards, newsletters, shopping apps, and email marketing from your favorite stores.

That way, you'll receive up-to-the-minute notifications about upcoming and current discounts wherever you are. You can learn more about how shopping apps work here

Get More of Your Favorite Things

While shopping hacks and tips are great for indulging your retail cravings, there's a lot more to life than shopping. If you're a little tight when it comes to finances right now, rather find something else to enjoy.

Browse our website for some ideas on how to spend your time as well as more life hacks for saving money. 


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