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Some of the Emerging Trends in Data Analytics


Business analytics refers to the exploration of an organization’s data. The exercise emphasizes statistical analysis and is common among companies that opt for data-driven decision-making. Such organizations consider their data as assets and actively identify ways for gaining a competitive edge in their respective industries.


The process’s success largely depends on data quality and professional data analysts who acknowledge the technologies’ effectiveness and a firm’s commitment to utilizing data to get valuable insights to improve decision making. Once a business owner has determined the goal of analysis, a methodology is selected, and data is obtained to support the analysis.


Acquiring data usually involves extracting from several sources and systems. Once the process is completed, data integration and cleansing into one repository is done. Initially, a smaller sample set of data is used for analysis. Some of the commonly used tools include spreadsheets and data mining applications.


The deployment of predictive models involves scoring data records that are usually found in a database. The scores are vital for the optimization of real-time decisions within various processes in an organization. On the other hand, business insights combine data and analysis to understand the meaning and allow business owners to understand different situations.


Top Emerging Trends in Data Analytics


Numerous emerging trends help organizations navigate tough economic times, including the COVID-19 pandemic. The following are some of the most common emerging trends in the industry.


Faster Artificial Intelligence


According to some analysts in the field, most companies will have shifted from piloting to implementing artificial intelligence. By doing so, there will be a five times increase in data streaming and infrastructures. For example, some organizations are using machine learning, and natural language processing approaches to obtain valuable insights and understand the long-term impact of the current crisis.


Some AI techniques create flexible systems for handling complex business situations. There have been significant investments in chip architectures that are accelerating artificial intelligence and workloads and reducing reliance on systems that may require high bandwidths.


Decision Intelligence


According to some experts in the field, a significant percentage of large firms are expected to hire analysts for practicing decision intelligence, which brings together multiple disciplines, including decision management. It comprises applications in the field of adaptive systems that involve multiple disciplines. Decision intelligence offers organizations a framework for helping leaders to design, model, and monitor decision models in the context of business outcomes.


Data Discovery and Visualization


The impact of data discovery has increased significantly in recent months. According to a recent survey in the industry, data discovery is one of the emerging trends. Business intelligence users have shown that that empowerment is a strong trend.


The high demand for data discovery tools shows a major shift in business intelligence to increase data usage and extracting insights. The use of online data visualization tools in performing such actions is becoming essential during decision making.


Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics


Business analytics of tomorrow focuses on the future and aims to answer questions such as what will happen and how to make it happen. Predictive and prescriptive analytics are some of the most common topics among business analytics professionals.


This is because big data is becoming a significant focus of analytics processes that large companies, small and medium-sized businesses leverage. Predictive analytics involves extracting information from data sets to forecast future possibilities.


On the other hand, prescriptive analytics involves examining data or content to help business owners to know the decisions that should be made and the steps they should take to achieve organizational goals. This is often characterized by things such as machine learning and graph analytics.


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