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Reasons why working in Insurance Company is Rewarding


Every individual needs job security. However, not all jobs or industry gives you the desired security unless you do not work for an insurance company. There are many private and public insurance companies in India offering different job profiles and good benefits. Moreover, this is one such industry that allows you to work as an agent while you are in another company. Every other individual requires insurance- be it health or life. You can work as either an insurance agent or a full-time employee in the insurance company. Working in an insurance company like LIC offers a good career scope. Like if working as LIC ADO (Apprentice Department Officer), you will get a good package and pension post-retirement.

Not just as ADO, LIC offers good job security to its employees. If you are confused about whether you should enter, the insurance company sector or not, below are the reasons why:

        Job for your Skills

LIC is not just about selling insurance, but there are other areas too. For example, if you got a degree in social science, you can still work as an examiner, investigator or appraiser. Also, if you have good communication skills and empathy. You can also implement your creativity and problem-solving design to work in the insurance company's loss control or risk manager.

        Insurance careers are sustainable:

Insurance has a positive effect on the economy and contributes a vast amount for the GDP. There are more and more recruitments happening in the insurance company. From agent to additional insurance officer, insurance companies offer great career opportunities. The government backs many public based insurance companies, so there is no question of its closure.  Furthermore, post-retirement you will be receiving a long-term pension. The amount for the retirement completely depends on the position in which you got the retirement.

        Career Advancement in Insurance Company

There is a good career advancement happening in the insurance companies. You can start your journey as an agent; then work in a higher position. In a public sector insurance company like Oriental Insurance, begin your journey as a clerk, with growing experience; you will get the post of general manager and officer. If you are working as OICL AO, you will enjoy a good package and other monetary benefits. There is good job security.

        Flexible Work Arrangement

If you are working in an insurance company, especially in the public sector, you will have flexible work arrangements. However, there will be targets that an agent or officer has to fulfil in the given deadline. Many employers working as an agent also prefer working on the field or from home. They get a set target of selling insurance. Occasionally, you may be required to attend meetings at the office.

        Huge Self-Employment opportunities

One of the benefits of working for an insurance company is working as an insurance agent while working full-time. There are lakhs of independent agents who work for LIC or Oriental Insurance. For every insurance you sell, you get the commission from the company. The more you sell, the more you get the commission. This is certainly the best way to increase your extra income.

        Improve in the Communication Skill

When you are working for an insurance company, you are selling policies to people. You will need to have a good convincing power along with the communication skill. If you already have these two, you are certainly going to sell a good amount of policies. Moreover, you will also be getting the opportunity to work in a higher position. Furthermore, this skill will help you to meet different people. Many insurance sales agents spend good time meeting new people and work with sales teams on various subjects.

Overall, working for an insurance company is highly beneficial in all senses. Every year, LIC and Oriental Insurance companies recruit thousands of aspirants to work with the company in different positions.

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