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One or Two Nightstand? How to Style Your Bedside Table

The bedside table has always been essential in the bedroom, even though we don’t always realize it. Just imagine how life would be without a table by your bedside. 

There wouldn’t be a place to store your books for night reading, hide your midnight snacks, or keep your remote controls so you can stay in bed for as long as you want. Working from home may not be the same if it weren’t for the bedside table that saves you from having to sit in your living room or kitchen just to have the tablespace. 

A well-decorated bedside table may not essentially be the key to a good night’s sleep. But, it sure can complete the look of your bedroom. Let’s start with a few suggestions on what to put on it. 

8 Essential Items to Put On Your Bedside Table 

Lamp - Lamps just complete bedside tables. They just set the mood and give you the necessary light for reading before bed. They are functional and often, being stylish is a bonus.

Essential Oil Diffuser - Diffusers are all the rage these days for their said benefits of essential oils. They perform double duty by increasing humidity levels and diffusing oils. 

Alarm Clock - You may be used to using your phone as an alarm, but an old-fashioned alarm clock is a great way to stay away from your phone, at least even before you could wash your face. 

Tissue Box - A bedside table can also keep the tissue handy whenever you’re suffering from a bad cold or simply need to wipe away the tears whenever you’re binge-watching a drama. 

Trinket Tray - Keep your bedroom free from clutter by keeping small accessories like rings, bracelets, and necklaces in a trinket tray. It keeps you from misplacing them, too. 

Journal - You never know when a great idea will strike or whether you’ll be able to store it mentally. Keep a fancy journal on your bedside table for those aha moments. 

Plants - There are plenty of NASA-approved indoor plants that are great for air purification. You may fancy getting one for yourself or taking one of your plants in the bedroom.

Scented Candles - Even when not lit, scented candles are effective in making the room smell fantastic. Light them up and they’re sure to make your room a warm place to relax and unwind. 

These are but a few of the many things you can put on your table. Others include eye masks, flower arrangements, and framed photos. 

5 Ideas to Style Your Bedside Table 

Use Accessories of Varying Heights 

Proportion is key to creating the perfect bedside table. Use accents of varying heights to add a dynamic dimension instead of objects of the same size that create a flat, dull look. As such, consider placing a tall lamp for drama and smaller accents to balance it. 

• Introduce Texture 

Similar to the way different heights add interest to your bedside table, varying textures create a visual impact. Think smooth accents like ceramic vases and table lamps on your glass top bedside table. You can also use it to accent your visibly grained wooden table. 

• Choose the Right Contrasts 

Besides texture, it’s also a great way to use hues that will contrast the color of your table. Opt for accents in similar colorways—you may also want to use linens within the same color family to complete the look. To finish, consider pops of bold color and metallic tones to add a few contrasting tones to the overall design. 

• Stay Practical 

As much as how you would want to decorate your bedside table, you’d also want to keep it practical. By practical we mean using it as a place to store your personal belongings including trinket trays, clocks, and journals. It’s why you’d want to invest in something that not only serves its purpose but also complement your design scheme. 

• Edit, edit, edit 

It’s easy for your bedside table to become a dumping ground for items that you want to keep in handy before bedtime. To avoid that, make sure that you clean it regularly and get rid of anything unnecessary. While at it, you might also want to switch up, mix and match, and replace your decorations now and then. This will keep your bedside table interesting, not to mention personal. 


Over the years, the bedroom has transitioned from being merely a place to sleep in into a personal space where we can be ourselves and spend our days comfortably. It’s why comfort and personalization have become two important factors that are given priority when decorating our homes; when it comes to these things, it’s nearly impossible to not give bedside tables a thought. 

They complete your bedroom, both in terms of comfort and style. They can be further personalized, depending on your lifestyle and the mood you’d like to achieve. 

How would you decorate your bedside table? If you have any more tips to add to the list, leave a comment below. 

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