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New Year, New You: Fitness Essentials to Jumpstart Your Journey


Did you know that less than 5% of adults do 30 minutes of physical activity daily?

Becoming fit is a great goal for this year and beyond. It benefits both your physical and mental health. With a sound body, you’ll accomplish more tasks without tiring while feeling good about how your body looks.

So, how do you jumpstart your journey toward fitness?

The simple answer is to have the following fitness essentials. That way, you have everything you need when you work out. Read on and learn:

1. Running Shoes

Going outside for a brisk walk or jog is incomplete without a pair of running shoes. They're designed to withstand the stress that comes with running while providing you with great comfort.

Without these shoes, your feet will likely have an uncomfortable time while you move around. This can make you feel discouraged to try again.

2. Headphones

A pair of headphones make your workout experience more awesome. Motivate yourself with music using high-quality headphones. These will draw the line between a good session and a great one.

This matters not whether you prefer tiny earbuds or over-the-ear style headphones. Ensure that you have them ready before you head out. The best part is that you can use these even when you exercise at home.

3. Large Water Jug

About 77% of working Americans say they don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated. If you work out, you must have your trusty water jug within arm’s reach. For longer sessions, use a larger jug to rehydrate.

Take note, these reusable containers are great for the environment. The best part is that it will keep the water colder for longer periods.

4. Workout Clothes

Like your running shoes, you must exercise using the proper workout clothes. It’s motivating to be in full gear when working out, especially when you need that confidence boost. However, the aesthetic benefits of this outfit aren’t its primary draw.

With proper clothing, you have breathable fabrics suited for exercising. That way, your body won’t overheat while you beat your body into shape.

5. Digital Bathroom Scale

When you work out, you might have a target goal for your weight. To ensure that you track your progress properly, you must get a digital bathroom scale. It’s an easy but undeniable way to determine whether your exercises are paying off.

If you want to make the most out of your scale, get one that measures various body metrics. Most of these will have smartphone app integrations. That way, when you look at your weight, you’ll also measure other factors that affect your health.

This is especially useful when you train while using resistance bands. To get the best digital scale around, check this page to learn more.

Get More Fitness Essentials Today!

These are some of the best fitness essentials to jumpstart your journey toward fitness. Take note, you can use these items whether you’re exercising outside or at home.

Did you find these items useful for your exercise sessions? If so, consider reading our other fitness-related guides to help you more.


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