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Master Using Spreadsheets: 5 Time Saving Excel Tips


With a whopping 750 million users, Microsoft Excel is super popular around the world. Yet only a tiny proportion of people use this powerful spreadsheet software to its fullest potential!

Are you trying to become a master of spreadsheets and know the struggle? Want some pro advice to speed up the process? Keep reading to learn 5 time-saving Excel tips and shortcuts.

1. Leverage Templates

There’s no point recreating the wheel, right? Why go through the hassle of creating your own special spreadsheets if there’s a no-cost option already available?!

That’s where pre-formatted Excel templates come into play. Whether you want to write a balance sheet, track your expenses, or put a to-do list together, there’s a pre-made template for the task. Head to the Microsoft website (or visit the plethora of other template sites online) to check out your options.

2. Freeze Your Sheets

Got an enormous Excel spreadsheet full of data on your hands? Scrolling up, down, left, and right can be super frustrating. It’s all too easy to lose track of the headings as you scroll around, forget what’s on a certain line; you find yourself constantly flicking back and forth.

Freezing certain rows and columns will solve the problem. Simply head to ‘View’, click ‘Freeze Panes’, and select which row/column you’d like to ‘freeze’. It’ll then remain in place as you navigate around the spreadsheet!

3. Remember the Backspace

Does freezing your sheets sound like too much hard work? Hitting ‘Cntrl + backspace’ could be an even simpler alternative to a similar problem.

If you’ve scrolled a long way from the top of your spreadsheet, this keyboard shortcut will transport you straight back to wherever your ‘active’ cell’s located (FYI, the ‘active’ cell is whichever one you last clicked on!). It’s another quick and easy hack to try whenever you’re struggling with big spreadsheets.

4. Use the AutoSum Shortcut

Anybody who hates maths will love the AutoSum shortcut. Imagine that you’ve just inserted a long row or column of numbers on a spreadsheet and need to add them together. In the cell beneath (for columns) or next to (for rows) those numbers, hit the ‘Alt’ and ‘+’ keys at the same time, followed by 'enter'. It’ll sum the numbers automatically!

Oh, and for an even easier way to do the same thing, you can click the ‘AutoSum’ button at the top of the sheet. This may not be rocket science or c# Excel interop stuff, but it’s sure to save you masses of time.

5. Find Info With Ease

Finding single pieces of data on big spreadsheets can be tough. Unless that is, you know the ‘Cntrl + F’ shortcut! Hitting those keys will bring up a box in which you can type the digits, keywords, or phrases for which you’re hunting.

Hit enter and it’ll show you exactly where they are on the sheet! Oh, and if you hit ‘Cntrl + H’ instead, you’ll have an option to replace those items with new ones too.

Put These Microsoft Excel Tips Into Action

Excel’s used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Yet far fewer people know how to use it! We hope the Excel tips in this post will help in this regard.

Keep them in mind and you’ll soon be saving time on this essential piece of software. Would you like to read more articles like this one? Search ‘computers’ on the website now.


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