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How to Become a Successful Comedian


Believe it or not, you can become successful in life as a comedian. The turning point could be to check on other successful comedians’ social media influence and excellence in comic writing. Comedians can make income from marketing and writing too. Here are the five tips on how to become a successful comedian.

Create & Update your Social Media Accounts

Millions of social media, users are looking for jokes every day. Even with rib-tickling, meaningful, and short content, you can get millions of subscribers worldwide. Creating and developing your reputation on social media will enable you to reach more people. It paves the way to earn as a brand marketer.

Besides, there are unlimited methods to make income from most social media platforms. Nevertheless, monetization options may vary from one platform to another. For that reason, you must choose a platform that matches your preferences.

News & Blog Writing

Blogging or running a website is much like running a social media account since monetization depends on traffic. However, it provides more flexibility in terms of choosing what type of ads to run.

It would be best to mention that driving traffic to your blog or website demands extra dedication. The effective approach to creating profitable traffic would be to create sidesplitting news posts. They attract more visitors and usually engages them if the writing style is interesting.

Write for Agencies

Stand Up can be a good example of platforms offering the opportunity to comedy writers. Writing for agencies attracts several benefits and drawbacks as well. The main drawback is that it involves way more stiff competition. You can also pitch with stand up comedians that need scripts written.

In any case, you must upload quality content regularly to earn from the platform. You must ensure that the content you share to the platform is up to date and fresh. The good side is that successful comedians using such platforms earn way more income than independent ones.

Write a Book

The book writing industry is extensive as it goes beyond romance and mystery writing. Most book writers tend to focus on real-life comical events, which creates a productive opportunity for comedians.

They can from writing books offering a collection of funny ideas and thoughts. The best part of it all is that the comic book writing niche does not demand complex formatting. The hack to success can be to offer contemporary ideas and keep it simple.

Comedy Scripts

It can be tiresome to write scripts for your comedy ideas, but it could be a great starting point. It can help you establish your online portfolio and start earning from alternatives such as blogs and YouTube channels.

Comedy scripts offer a suitable platform for co-production and self-production too. The best part of it all is that it takes simple strategic plans to succeed as a comedy scriptwriter.


It is easy to become among the popular comedians running social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube if you apply the above tips. The influence you establish by reaching many people and gaining subscribers on these platforms can pave the way for future investments.  

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