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9 HTML Tags to Know for SEO


Hypertext markup language (HTML) is the foundation of every website. You must know about it if you are a website designer or/and website developer. Even if you are not a website developer or website designer, understanding HTML tags will help you. Learning main HTML tags is important for you if you are into search engine optimization (SEO).

A web developer or a website development agency should know all of these HTML tags. Not all web design services know much about HTML tags that help with search engine rankings. That is why we want to discuss these points here. This article discusses nine (9) HTML tags that all SEOs should know. Continue reading if you want to use HTML tags to obtain higher search engine rankings.


The Role of HTML Tags in SEO

The way HTML tags are used on a page or post can benefit or hurt the search engine rankings of that page or post. If you offer web development services, you should understand notable HTML tags and attributes to make SEO-friendly websites. Let us start by exploring the difference between HTML attributes and tags.


Difference Between Tags and Attributes

HTML is a web development language where different elements are used to make websites or web applications. There are two main elements that you will hear of: attributes and tags.

There is a difference between attributes and tags, and you should know their differences if you are a website developer or an SEO professional. Let us see how these two elements differ.

An HTML element normally has three parts, such as the opening tag, content-specific tag, and closing tag. Tags must have the opening (<X>) and closing elements (</X>) to make the tag work.

However, elements such as <br> do not have a closing element. Attributes, on the other hand, are added to elements to modify them. Let us go through the eight HTML tags that you should know.


8 HTML Tags to Know for SEO Campaigns

There are many HTML tags and elements that SEOs and website developers use to improve the user experience and search engine ranking.

Here, we will go through some notable HTML tags that help improve SEO results. Let us discuss below the top eight (8) HTML tags to know for SEO:

1.       <!DOCTYPE html> Tags

It is one of the most important HTML tags you will ever use. You need to declare the document type when you start coding.


2.       <head> Tags

This tag introduces the first section of the page. You can add details about a website in this tag.


3.       <body> Tags

It is also one of the most important HTML tags you will ever use.


4.       <meta> Tags

It will be inserted within the <head> tag of the page. Meta tags are used to include meta information within the <head> tags.


5.       <title> Tags

It is also one of the most important HTML tags you will ever use. Every page and post must have a title. This tag can be used to add a title to the page or post.


6.       <h1> to <h6> Tags

You need to add headings in your textual content, and that is why these tags are created. You can add six levels of headings by using tags such as h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6.


7.       Image Tags

It is also one of the most important HTML tags you will ever use. Sometimes, you need to include images on your website pages and posts. You will use image tags to include images.


8.       Link Tags

Oftentimes, you need to include hyperlinks on your website pages and posts. You will use link tags to include a hyperlink.


The Bottom Line – Last Word About HTML Tags

You have read how important HTML tags are for SEO. In the end, we can say that HTML tags play an important role in search engine optimization

You should carefully choose web development services if you want to take professional help.

If you want to share your thoughts about this article, you should feel free to contact me anytime. Your valuable feedback will be highly appreciated.

If you need more details about this topic, you can watch videos and read more articles on this topic. Are you ready to use HTML tags like a pro? Good luck with your website!

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