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8 Misconceptions about Luxury Watches That You Need To Forget


Are you hesitant to buy a luxury watch, or are you planning to, but you can’t find a reason to do so? That is understandable. While there are several benefits when you invest in luxury watches you might find a lot of negative information online about them. Of course, there are always pros and cons to every investment, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are true.

In this article, we will debunk some of the most common myths and misconceptions about luxury watches. We will list some of the things that may make you decide to say no to buying and change your mind about it. Let's take a look at each of them.

There are limited choices of luxury watch brands.

If you believe this myth, then you are probably not searching enough. There are a variety of luxury watch brands and models that you can choose from. Rolex, Bvlgari, or Cartier are some of the sought after brands, but there are still a handful of timepieces to choose from. Some popular luxury watch brands and models are Franck Muller Vanguard, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre, and more. For as long as you will do your research, you will find more luxury watch brands that suit your liking.

Luxury watches are only for high-end occasions.

As mentioned, luxury watches come in different designs and models, which means that these wristwatches are not only for a gala or any other grandeur occasion. The plethora of luxury watch styles override the myth that you can only use it on limited events. If you pick from the right collection, you will find something that you can wear on a holiday weekend or an outdoor activity.

Luxury watches are too expensive.

While this is partially true, not all luxury watches are costly. They may be a bit pricey compared to a regular wristwatch, but it comes with the high-quality that it carries. Each luxury watch is made with high-grade materials that can last more than a lifetime. Buying a luxury watch is not throwing money into the trash; it is investing in some of a great value. Ultimately, cost and worth are two different things.

It is better to invest in real estate than in luxury watches.

Nobody says that you need to choose between investing in a house and a luxury watch. In terms of returns, both types of investments can gain long-term benefits. However, it is ideal if you invest in a luxury watch if you can already afford it. As much as possible, the money that you invest in luxury watches should not come from the budget of your necessities. Only buy a luxury watch only when you are capable of doing so.

Luxury watches are handmade and may be prone to errors.

Some of the best luxury watches started manufacturing in the 1900s. During this era, there were no high-end machines that could create a wristwatch. Swiss manufacturers crafted their timepieces using their bare hands, and their products are some of the most reliable watches in the world. 

In the modern age, new machines are built to start the automated process. It only makes their manufacturing more credible. Some brands, however, still have handmade watches, but they make sure to adopt from the same intricate and delicate techniques of the old days.

You need to be on the waitlist to buy a luxury watch. 

Yes, but not all. A waitlist is normally designed for limited-edition watches. If you want to purchase a wristwatch that only has a few products released, you will need to be on the waitlist. However, luxury watches brands make sure that everyone who wishes to own a piece of their collection will be able to do so. There are a lot of watch models that are sold outright in the market.

You cannot rely on mechanical wristwatches.

The luxury watch mechanism comes in two types: Mechanical and Quartz. Most people choose Quartz because it is more convenient and low maintenance. However, that does not mean that mechanical watches are unreliable. Mechanical watches are crafted with complex watch work, which makes them more appealing to watch lovers.

Smart watches are better than luxury watches.

It all boils down to preference. The newer generation may prefer the trendy features of a smart watch. Smart watches make you do a lot of things with a small piece of accessory. However, luxury watches are more than just a wristwatch. It is something that you can pass on to the children of your children. Luxury watches are not considered as an accessory. It is a piece of priceless jewelry that gives you the most precise time in the world.

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