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4 Backyard Accessories To Have More Fun at Home


The average American child spends about 1,200 hours a year with their eyes on a screen.

Deficiencies in Vitamin D, which we get from exposure to sunlight, are on the increase. Research shows that a lack of outside time decreases brain function in people aged over 45. Staying indoors too much harms our mental health, leading to depression.

These issues and symptoms point to an epidemic of indoor living. Simply put, we all need to get out from under our roofs more–a lot more.

Below, we’ve created a list of exciting backyard accessories guaranteed to get you and your family out the door.

1. An Inflatable Movie Screen

Level up your Netflix-and-chill and get a backyard projector screen.

On balmy summer evenings, you can settle into a beanbag on your patio or lawn–a glass of chilled wine or iced tea in hand–and watch a movie.

Both small and large-scale outdoor screens are available for home use, usually between 4 and 40 feet in width. Whether you’re watching with three people or your whole neighborhood, you can find a screen that fits your “what to do in the backyard” needs.

Best of all, if it’s really blowing a gale, pouring buckets of rain, or super snowy outside, you can bring your screen indoors.

2. A Fire Pit

Are you wondering how to have fun at home once the sun goes down? Imagine sitting around a warming fire pit, toasting marshmallows for smores, and sharing tall tales or spooky ghost stories.

Today, bespoke fire pits are all the rage. Ask a local craftsman to incorporate images that are meaningful to your family into the ironwork.

Just be sure to teach your children the rules around fire safety. Use cleaner-burning fuels, don’t let family members inhale the smoke, and take precautions to control the embers if you live near a forest.

3. A Trampoline

When it comes to enjoying outdoor activities, nothing beats bouncing on a trampoline. It’s an activity young and old can get into–for fun and exercise.

Trampolines, invented in the early 1930s, were initially used to train astronauts. It wasn’t until later in the decade that they became a backyard fixture. Early trampolines didn’t have much in the way of padding, so jumpers got injured when they inevitably bounced onto the springs or lawn.

Nowadays, parents are looking for the safest jumping options. Websites like sell trampolines fitted with padded poles and sturdy netting designed to prevent injuries and falls.

4. A Vegetable Garden

Gardening is one of those backyard activities with a myriad of benefits. Research shows that gardening reduces stress, improves health, and teaches children responsibility.

Your garden could be as small as a few old buckets filled with soil and lettuce seedlings, or your raised beds could fill your entire backyard.

If you’re new to gardening, get a gardening kit. These all-in-one packages contain planters, seeds, fertilizer, plant labels, and simple tools–everything you need to grow your green thumb.

Creativity Counts in Backyard Accessories

When choosing backyard accessories, focus on fun toys and products that will encourage exercise and learning. Sometimes you don’t even need to buy anything! Creative activities like wildlife scavenger hunts and pavement chalk drawing will have the whole family enjoying the outdoors.

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