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7 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2020

Equipped with 400 hundred hours of video getting uploaded every minute, viewers spending 40 minutes per YouTube session on average, and 5 billion of watch hours daily and still counting, YouTube’s popularity is skyrocketing more than ever. However, it has been pretty popular from its former days, and that cannot be denied.

But while for many across the world YouTube is just a video streaming platform, others are making a stable earning out of it. And, let’s be honest, what can be better than earning money from doing something you love? Requirements to get started with YouTube is a bare minimum and the turn around mind-blowing. A simple video editing software and a computer is all you need. Even your mobile phone can be a great substitute in case you don’t have a laptop.

If you are someone who reads all the make money online kind article with keen interest, then this is your chance. YouTube is probably your best shot and it is no longer limited to certain types of videos or public figures. It has created a platform for everyone around them who has some sort of skill and wants to showcase their talent in front of a worldwide audience.

And YouTube pays its content creators a wholesome. So, if this something seems of your interest then just keep on reading as today, we are going to venture in and talk about the 7 tried and tested way through which you can make money from YouTube, starting right away.

Now as interesting as it may seem, the competition over the platform is also pretty neck to neck. And, to taste the sweet joy of victory, you have to do your part, work hard, and create a full-proof strategy. Below we have listed the 7 best ways to earn money on YouTube in 2020.

Start with Affiliate Marketing: Affiliated marketing best fits channels that review products. But don’t worry even if yours is not a reviewing channel then also you can make money through affiliate marketing. No matter what your niche is you can use affiliate marketing. Providing affiliate links in the description box and mentioning that in your video is exactly what you need to do. Whenever any of your viewers clicks on your provided link and makes a purchase you get a percentage of the purchase made.

But, do not bombard your description box with nothing but affiliate links. More often than not viewers get suspicious of such accounts and it can simply have an adverse effect, which indeed is not desirable.
You need to create a bond of trust and faith with your viewer for them to trust you and make a purchase.

Coming back to the affiliate programs there are plenty of such. Just make sure that you sign up for something trusted. That being said, you can join the Amazon affiliate program. The largest e-commerce website in the world, and henceforth trusted by all.

Earn from ad Revenue: No matter if you already have a YouTube channel or not. Only if you are a bit familiar with the website then you must have noticed all the advertisements that show up at the beginning of a video or sometimes even in the middle of a video. There are several ways through which you can earn a good amount of ad revenue. For instance, you can apply for the YouTube partnership program, channel membership, and even though Google Ad Sense if you want.

But this isn’t as easy as it sounds, since in the former days you have to put quite a lot of hard work to become a YouTube partner and start earning through ad revenue. YouTube has laid a set of ground rules that you need to follow and fulfill to become a certified YouTube partner. Now before you get all stressed up let me clear that up for you and tell you the rules and requirements; first, YouTube requires you to have 4000 watch hours on your uploaded videos over the platform, second, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers. Breaching YouTube’s terms and policies will simply put you out of the list, so be careful about that. Now the tricky part is that all this needs to be done within the last 12 months.

Ask Your fans to Make a Contribution: Now for this method to work out, you need to build a cult following or at least a loyal fanbase for yourself. Pro tip: this can only be done through your content. So, be mindful of your content and what you put out for your viewers.

About the funding, you can use platforms such as Patreons and Tipee to either receive a monthly contribution from your followers or a one-time contribution, whatever they find more convenient.
All you need to take care of is that your content is up at its game and top-notch. Regardless of your genre make sure that you produce content that is entertaining, interesting. It is your responsibility to keep your audience hooked and make sure that they keep coming back for more.

Take Your SEO game a Notch Higher: When I speak about SEO, know that I am speaking for every social media and online platform. On the internet, here what shows that sales. Therefore, having your SEO game stronger is extremely important. Do proper keyword research and try including high-value keywords. It will increase the visibility of your videos for relevant searches and thus help to attract audiences or potential YouTube subscribers. But do not just stuff your video description, title, and tags with keywords and abandon it. Keep track of your content using Traffic Source tools and see what are the exact keywords people search for, against which your video shows up in their feed. Knowing the analytics will help you immensely in creating content.

Employ YouTube marketing funnel and make the most out of it: If you are quite serious about growing your YouTube account and even perhaps make a fulltime earning out of it, then plan it properly from the very beginning. It is always great to have a niche and make videos based on that particular niche. As soon as you hit to fulfill the basic requirements for monetizing your YouTube account, become a YouTube partner, and start laying the groundwork for your marketing funnel. You can also tie up your blog with YouTube for more monetary transactions. And if you are a writer or have a keen passion for writing, then nothing can be better than this.

Sign up for the Amazon influencer program: Similar to the affiliate programs, the Amazon influencer program also allows you to earn revenue through recommending and providing reviews to Amazon products. The working mechanism is also pretty much the same as you can provide links to the product in your video’s description box and whenever any of your YouTube subscribers buys a product using your affiliate link, you get a percentage of the sale or revenue.

However, unlike the affiliate programs, not everyone can sign up for this. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill to become an Amazon Influencer. For instance, you need a certain amount of follower count on your social media handles, and so on and so forth.

Earn Revenue by Refraining from showing ads: YouTube has recently come up with a new feature called YouTube Premium. It allows YouTube subscribers to view videos without any advertisements. YouTube charges the subscriber to avail of this facility. Depending upon the watch time of your videos you then receive a 55% revenue. Since in this case you earn based upon the watch time on your videos, you need to extra cautious about your analytics and keep an eye at it. Always lookout for the watch time and also the amount of engagement that your videos are receiving.

YouTube for sure is one of the best platforms mainly for content creators. Here you will find people from every path of life and this diversity is exactly what makes YouTube such a popular and beloved video streaming platform. The main key to make your YouTube journey a success is to gain a lot of YouTube subscriber. Therefore, creating quality content should be your utmost priority. However, it never harms to have a cheat sheet handy. If you want to make it big on the platform and make it fast, then do pay a visit Buy Real YouTube Subscribers

This is a website where you can Get Real YouTube Subscribers. It will give an instant boost to your YouTube channel and make it easier for you to connect with the right audience and connect fast. You can think of it as a magic potion. However, my suggestion to you will be to never just entirely dependent upon it. After all, “content is the king”, never forget that. But to give your YouTube journey a kick start or boost up your ongoing journey, this might be the best solution for you. So, don’t shy away. Visit and keep creating!

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