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Industry eCommerce and SEO: The Past, Present, and Post COVID-19 Scenario

Survival in this corona scenario is tough!
Multiple businesses have lost their money due to this pandemic.
But have you ever thought about how eCommerce websites run their businesses?
Did corona affect them as well?
What is eCommerce?
You can define eCommerce as the buying of goods on an online platform. For instance
When you buy a pair of shoes by doing an online transaction is a good example of an eCommerce. 

What is SEO?
SEO is the method of enhancing traffic to your website using various techniques like blogging, testimonials and a lot more.

Is there a relation between SEO and eCommerce?
Yes, of course, manyE-Commerce owners use marketing techniques to promote their website via SEO. For instance –online marketplaces ask their customers to write a review about the product they purchased recently. That is an effective technique of SEO, which would drive organic traffic to the E-Commerce website and lead to an increase in sales. 

The Past Scenario

·         Electronic data interchange
This was a significant invention during the 1960s, which helped in exchange of data electronically without human interference. It was a replacement for fax machines.

·         The emergence of the internet
This was the magical platform invented in the 1990s, which drove people crazy. Everyone wanted to know more about the World Wide Web and its benefits.

·         Inventing online data encryption software
The world witnessed a significant discovery of online payment processing through secured data encryption software that protected the privacy of its customers.

·         Significant increase in technology
With the technological boom, more number of folkswere attracted to use the World Wide Web for information about things and topics.

The present scenario (1995 until present):

·         Mostly online marketplaces
These days’ huge numbers of marketplaces have emerged. Everyone prefers buying online since it saves both time and money.

·         Digital marketing and SEO techniques
With the advent of SEO techniques for driving more traffic to these E-commerce websites, the world has certainly chosen to view social platforms and forums to seek advice and  make purchases

·         More sales and promotion
More the SEO optimized content, more the amount of traffic, more the sales and promotion. It’s a cycle of E-Commerce that is created and managed through efficient SEO techniques.

·         Increased conversion rate
More sales and promotion leads are enticing customers to purchase from online market places by offering discounts and vouchers and thus leading to increased conversion rates.

·         M-commerce
Making a purchase through handheld devices like cell phones or iPads is very common and preferable these days.

·         Panic buying
Due to the recent pandemic of the coronavirus, many people are not allowed to leave their houses, so many of them place an order for corona safety essentials like gloves, masks online.

The above points reflect the current scenario where people favor purchasing things online and thus triggering E-commerce websites to expand.

The expected future (Post COVID-19)

·         A boom in E-Commerce business
Since everybody is getting used to online work and making online purchases, most of the businesses will prefer having an eCommerce website.

·         Artificial intelligence
This is the future, probably. The customer buying patterns and choices will be stored and based on their preferences; the eCommerce sites will help them in shopping.

·         Cryptocurrency payment
Payment through bitcoin would be a preferable method of payment in the future.

How E-Commerce marketers can improve their business through SEO

·         SEO Audit
Conducting an in-depth research analysis on customer behavior could help a lot of E-commerce owners to study and analyze the purchasing pattern and thus help them to use pricing strategies accordingly. Using SEO tools or extensions actually aid a lot for on-page SEO.

·         Mobile-friendly sites
Customers do not like to wait for a long period, so the more time a mobile-based website takes to load, the less preferred by customers. TheE-Commerce owners should focus on building more mobile-friendly websites with an aim to gain more customers for purchase.

·         Modifying websites
With the changing trend, it is necessary to modify and upgrade websites. Redesigning the website or adding to its internal linking structure act as an important aspect. Try fixing the errors as much as possible or checking the page loading speed can probably be beneficial.

·         Investing in content
Content rules the market!
People pay a lot of attention to various types of content. The best way to promote content marketing for your website is through blogging or updating the info on your social websites or creating a discussion forum.

COVID-19 has caused a mass blow to the world economy.
Thanks to the evolving E-Commerce trends from past to present, we can certainly expect a bright future of this platform with the help of increasing SEO techniques.

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