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6 Nutrient-filled Foods That Are Perfect For Summers

Taking proper care of your body during summers is really important because you lose a lot of electrolytes and salt during summer. The temperature of our bodies is already on the high side and when the centigrade hits 40+ then it becomes mandatory for you to be careful and take proper care of your health. Dehydration is another problem that you might face during summers.

So what should you consume in order to stay healthy on the hot summer days? Well, the answer is quite simple. You have to consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. More fluids and less soda. That’s what will keep you in a healthy state. Sort out your diet and add foods like oranges, nuts, beef bone broth, juices, stock, and iced coffee. These are some of the foods that should be a part of your diet.

During winters you usually don’t get thirsty a lot. The amount of salt and electrolytes that you need during winters is quite low as compared to summers. This is why you don’t have to worry much about your diet during winters. So all the foods that I have mentioned above are really healthy and beneficial for your health, so we will dig deep into them now.


During summers you need a lot of fluids in your body so that you don’t dehydrate. When it comes to consuming fruits, most people are lazy to eat them as they find it difficult to do so. What you can do is try to drink fruit juices every day. They will give you a natural source of sugar and will help in improving your overall health as well. Try to consume juices that are mostly citrus. Juices that are rich in vitamin C are great for your overall health. They help in improving your electrolyte level and are great for your skin health.

2.  NUTS

Nuts are rich in healthy fats and should be included in your diet. They help in giving you enough sodium that can help in improving your overall health. It will save you from dehydration. So, try to include nuts in your daily diet. They also help in improving your metabolism that will keep you away from overeating. Some people can have serious health issues by consuming excessive foods, adding nuts to your diet can help you a lot.


Like I said before that you need proper nutrition in order to stay healthy during summers. Bone broth is one of those foods that are rich in tons of nutrients. There are tons of other things that you can do in order to stay healthy and fit. The best one you can do is to add bone broth to your diet. Sodium, collagen, protein, and calcium in bone broth can really help a lot to improve your overall health. Collagen is an important protein that your body requires to have better bones. This is why people also consume hydrolyzed collagen in their diet.


Chicken or beef stock is another liquid food that can help in giving you relief from your body ache and headache. Some people confuse stock with bone broth but in reality, they are two different foods. Bone broth is way more nutritious as compared to stock. As their cooking type varies as well. This is why bone broth is more beneficial for your health. Still, if you want to treat body ache that many people have during summers then drinking a cup of warm stock can help.


The reason why I mentioned iced coffee and not the normal coffee is that during summers you should stay away from extra hot things like coffee and tea as they can aid in increasing your body temperature and this can also lead to dehydration. This is why you should opt for iced coffee. Some people are addicted to caffeine and can’t really focus on their work unless they drink it. They can shift to iced coffee to fulfill that need.


Soaking fruits in water and leaving them overnight is called fruit-infused water. Drinking it will help to detox and cleanse your body. They can also help in keeping your body at normal temperature and will also reduce the inflammation of your body. Our body excretes more oil and sebum in warm weather, by consuming this water you will be able to get rid of that problem.


These nutrient-filled foods and drinks are perfect for your summer days and can help a lot in improving your health as well. So try to consume them in your daily routine if you want to see some quick results. There are tons of other things that you can do to stay hydrated but following a healthy diet and consume these foods will help a lot.

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